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(Meanwhile, you also can read past issues of the entire Tennessee Connections magazine, printed by Journal Communications, here.)

Summer 2019 Tennessee Connections

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Utility receives highest honor for providing safe, reliable electric power
Lineman Appreciation Day
Utility awarded for safety practices
Power and Light Board keeps customers in mind
Energy Specialist, Mike Demeris, retires after 30 years of service
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Spring 2019 Tennessee Connections

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Ripley family follows dream to raise Angus cattle
Spring storms can have heavy winds that cause power interruptions
Contact us if you lose power
Outage Management System helps restore power
How we restore power in an emergency
Surge protection at meter saves ‘white’ appliances
Get great rebates when you switch from gas to electric
• Backpage: Don't let power surges damage appliances / Download pdf

December 2018 Tennessee Connections

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You can help us restore power quickly
Employee retires after nearly 47 years
Exterior wall insulation can help keep you warmer
Getting your electric bill just got easier
A list of ways to pay your electric bill
• Backpage: Yes, you can use outdoor Christmas lights inside – and other answers to your Christmas light questions!/ Download pdf

Fall 2018 Tennessee Connections

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We all love a parade!
Veteran Services available to help
Act now for savings this winter
A labor of love
Downtown developments this fall
• Backpage: Electric power lines and trees don't do well together/ Download pdf

Summer 2018 Tennessee Connections

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Our gratitude to all veterans
Tomatoes, planes & cotton candy
How does a heat pump work?
• Backpage: Wouldn't it be cool to be cool in your house this summer/ Download pdf

March 2018 Tennessee Connections

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Master gardeners share their knowledge, time with their communities
Volunteer wins "Best of the Best" statewide award
The right light bulbs can save you money
Tennessee recognizes Lauderdale County's 'outstanding' volunteers
• Backpage: Protect your home from power surges / Download pdf

December 2017 Tennessee Connections

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Ripley provides feel of small town America for military officers from around the world
Holiday light and music display delights community
This year decorate with LED Christmas lights
Skills USA class prepares Halls High School students for the workforce
• Backpage: Large rebates make energy efficiency high on Santa’s Christmas list / Download pdf

Fall 2017 Tennessee Connections

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Understanding power surges and why it’s smart to have protection
Parades, pumpkins and even Santa Claus
eScore offers rebates on energy-efficient heat pumps
• Backpage: Freedom Water Heaters save money / Download pdf

Summer 2017 Tennessee Connections

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An energy-efficient electric heat pump provides even cooling in hot weather, keeps you warm in winter – and saves you money on your electric bill!
New Life Youth Camp offers new opportunities
Surge protection program saves appliances, electronics
Summer safety
• Backpage: Options! We've got them for paying your bill! / Download pdf

March 2017 Tennessee Connections

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Kiosks offer 24-hour bill pay, account access
Ripley Power and Light's new technology helps pinpoint causes and restore power quicker
How we restore power in emergencies
Jammin' for Jesus
• Backpage: Ripley Power and Light is taking steps to improve our services / Download pdf

December 2016 Tennessee Connections

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ...
• Bees help cotton farmers
Energy-efficient heat pump: Smart choice for your home
We make it easy to afford a heat pump
• Backpage: Festival of trees / Download pdf

Fall 2016 Tennessee Connections

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• Our new website to debut soon
Community comes together to build indoor facility without tax dollars
• 'It's noticeable how much money we save' with a Freedom electric water heater
• Surge protectors guard your equipment from power spikes
• Backpage: Safety talks give children life-saving information / Download pdf

Summer 2016 Tennessee Connections

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• When it comes to public power, Ripley ranks among the best of the best
• Two safety awards added to utility's accolades
• It’s tomato time in Lauderdale County
• New industry opens in Ripley

Spring 2016 Tennessee Connections

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• New kiosks create another convenient way to pay your bill
• Power and Light offers many bill-pay options
• Ripley, TVA help you save money
• Spring cleaning your home should include some energy-saving efforts

December 2015 Tennessee Connections

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• Make your home energy efficient with rebates, financing
• Employee retirements at Ripley Power and Light
• Update on TVA’s rate structure changes
• New board member
• Impressed by the lights? Awed by the decorations?

Summer 2015 Tennessee Connections

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• Tourism donation to boost economy
• In-lieu-of-tax payments provide funds directly to local governments
• Energy saving tips for summer
• Air show Aug. 8
• A top EnergyRight performer

Winter 2014 Tennessee Connections

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• Ripley Power and Light supports students, college responds with lobby dedication
• E-Score: A new way to save money on electric bills begins December 1
• Tree trimming program protects power lines and helps to prevent outages
• Saving money by saving energy
• Put Safety on your Christmas list

Summer 2014 Tennessee Connections

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• Law enforcement train at Power and Light warehouse
• Park commemorates 1864 battle during living history weekend
• Minie Stowe appointed to Power and Light Board
• A drive-through window

Spring 2014 Tennessee Connections

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• Yes, it was cold out there!
• The cold, hard facts
• 10 low-cost steps you can do before next winter
• A drive-through window

December 2013 Tennessee Connections

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• Cook at Ripley High among first in state to receive certification
• Electric system improvements strengthen service to customers
• FCE Club members have the giving spirit all year long
• Ward off winter's cold with an energy-efficient, electric heat pump

September 2013 Tennessee Connections

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• Finally, a drive-through at the main office
• Pilot program benefits the customer
• Lauderdale County’s Central Park, a place for play, exercise and community activities

June 2013 Tennessee Connections

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• Take steps to save some energy - and some money
• Fitness: A popular activity in Ripley
• Compact flourescent light bulbs: What do you do when they burn out?

March 2013 Tennessee Connections

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• Quaprotek to start production in Ripley this spring
• Restoring power in an emergency
• Annual baseball tournament held in memory of Aaron Schuh
• Thinking about planting a few trees this spring?