Ripley Power and Light’s outage management system helps to more quickly pinpoint a power outage and its cause. The automated system predicts outages based on information we've put in the system or information from customers calling in.

Though the electric system is designed and monitored to provide reliable service, interruptions in power do occur occasionally. Ripley Power’s electric monitoring system alerts the utility to power outages and helps employees pinpoint the causes of the outage.

When customers call in after hours, the system automatically knows their addresses based on their phone numbers. As more calls come in from similar locations, the system can predict whether a transformer is at fault or fuse or breaker farther up the electrical line.

Employees can begin working to restore power quicker because they aren’t fielding phone calls. The system also shows them a map so they can see where clusters of phone calls originate.

If the outage management system cannot identify the caller because the customer’s account hasn’t been updated with a phone number, customers must manually enter their account number to report their address. For people who don’t have their account number memorized, it may be difficult to find their electric bill in the dark.

Call 731-635-2323 or 731-836-7595 to report an outage.