Street lights help keep our streets safe. Ripley Power and Light installs and maintains the street lights for Gates, Halls, Henning and Ripley. We also fix the lights and change lamps when they burn out. Though we patrol the major streets at night, we may not know when some lights need repair or new bulbs.

For example, many of our outdoor lights are high pressure sodium lights. A first sign of failure for these lights is when the light blinks on and off.

That’s why we need your help, too. We ask you to let us know when you see:

  • A street light off at night
  • A street light burning during the day when the weather is not cloudy or overcast
  • A street light flickering on and off

You can tell us about a problem light in this form. It is important to give the pole number and street name for the light and any other details about the locatuion. We will repair the light as quickly as possible.

How street lights work

The street lights and our security lights have controls that are sensitive to sunlight. A lack of sunlight causes a circuit within the street light to turn the light on at night or in dark weather. Street lights last 15-20 years, but the normal life of the lamp inside is about four years. Keeping all of the street lights on requires constant vigilance.