Customers who prefer to keep track of their electric usage or pay a smaller deposit can opt for the Prepay Program.

The program works like this:

  • To get started, you pay a $60 deposit and an initial minimum of $50 worth of electricity. New customers will have a $20 connect fee.
  • Current customers who want to switch to Prepay can use their current deposit to offset the $60 deposit and $20 transfer fee.  Current customers also must have all of their electric bills paid before they can start on the program.
  • Your electric use is deducted from the amount of electricity you purchased.
  • When the amount on the account is low, it’s up to you to buy more electricity. You can add $20 or more to your account as often as you need. You must use the kiosk if you choose to pay less than $20.
  • Each morning, you’ll receive an email or a text message telling you the balance on the prepaid account.
  • You can pay for electricity online with a credit card, at either of our 24-hour kiosk locations (located in our second drive-through lane) or in person at the Ripley or Halls office. You can pay any way you would normally pay your electric bill.
  • If the account empties and is in the negative as the day begins, your electricity will be disconnected at 1 p.m. This gives you time to put money into your account.

Set up your Prepay Account.

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