Ripley Power and Light offers several ways to pay your utility bill each month.


You can pay your bill online through our Customer Portal. Click here to be taken to our secure server to make your payment online.

Through Bank Draft

The easiest way to pay your utility bill each month is through bank draft.

  • We send your bank the amount you owe on your electric bill.
  • We send you a copy of your bill.
  • The bank deducts the amount from your savings or checking account on the day your bill is due.
  • You don’t have to pay for postage, take the time to drive to one of our offices, or worry about being late with your payment.

To sign up for bank draft, please stop by our Ripley or Halls location.

Prepay Program

Customers who prefer to keep track of their electric usage or pay a smaller deposit can opt for the Prepay Program.

The program works like this:

  • To get started, you pay a $60 deposit and an initial minimum of $50 worth of electricity. New customers will have a $20 connect fee.
  • Current customers who want to switch to Prepay can use their current deposit to offset the $60 deposit and $20 transfer fee. Current customers also must have all of their electric bills paid before they can start on the program.
  • Your electric use is deducted from the amount of electricity you purchased.
  • When the amount on the account is low, it’s up to you to buy more electricity. You can add $20 or more to your account as often as you need. You must use the kiosk if you choose to pay less than $20.
  • Each morning, you’ll receive an email or a text message telling you the balance on the prepaid account.
  • You can pay for electricity online with a credit card, at either of our 24-hour kiosk locations (located in our second drive-through lane) or in person at the Ripley or Halls office. You can pay any way you would normally pay your electric bill.
  • If the account empties and is in the negative as the day begins, your electricity will be disconnected at 1 p.m. This gives you time to put money into your account.

A note for new Prepay customers

Prepay customers receive a new account number each time they move to a new location. The customer will receive the new log-in information from a Customer Service Representative on the day he or she signs up for new service.

To log-in to your new account, see below or download the myusage app. It may take 24 to 48 hours to access your new account.

Set up your Prepay Account or log in below.

By Mail

You can mail your payment in the envelope that comes with your bill. Make sure you enclose the bottom portion of your bill. Prepaid customers must include the account number and location number with payment.

In Person

Visit 150 S. Main St. in Ripley or 409 S. Church St. in Halls. Both offices are open 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Friday. Both locations also have a night deposit box. When paying in person or making a night deposit, make sure you bring or include the bottom portion of your bill.

Night Deposit

Use the secure deposit boxes at our Ripley and Halls locations.

24-Hour Bill Pay with Kiosk

We offer 24-hour, secure, bill payment through kiosks that are located in the drive-thru lanes at both our Ripley and Halls offices.

The kiosks, which can be used by monthly billing customers or prepaid customers, accept several types of credit cards, as well as cash.

Cash will need to be in even amounts, such as $1, $5 or $20; the kiosk will not give change. Any extra money, however, will be applied to your account.

Monthly billing customers can scan the barcode on the back of their bill or enter the account number to access their account. (Be sure to include the hyphen in the account number, for example, 123456-123456.)

Prepaid customers receive a customized key tag to swipe to access the account or enter the account number; again, be sure to include the hyphen.

The kiosks also have the capability to accept payments for other companies. Businesses interested in using the kiosks can contact Mike Allmand at 731-635-2323 or

Help Your Neighbors in Need

Ripley Power and Light’s Plus One Program helps those in need pay their utility bills. You can contribute to the program by a one-time donation or through your monthly utility bill. We administer the program at no cost. Call us to sign up for the Plus One Program.