Ripley Power and Light provides electricity to about 6,000 residential customers in Ripley, Halls, Henning and Gates.


If you are moving away or transferring utility services to another location within our system, give us advance notice of your move. We charge $20 to transfer electric services. You also must have at least a $200 deposit with us. You will be asked to increase your deposit if the two-month average bill at your new location is more than your current deposit with us.

Building a new home or business?

Call us before you start. We will help you get your electricity in a timely manner. We also offer help in building an energy-efficient home or business that can save you hundreds of dollars each year on your utility bills.

Want to save money by making your home more efficient?

Our low-interest financing program makes it easier for our customers to buy energy-efficient, electric heat pumps. Payments are on your monthly electric bill. The length of your loan varies with the cost of the item. Learn more.