You've got options!

When it comes to paying your Ripley Power and Light monthly bill, you’ve got many options to suit your lifestyle.

Sure, you can always pay your bill the traditional ways of by mail, in the night dropboxes or stopping by our Ripley or Halls office during business hours. However, we have several more options that may suit you better.

Bank Draft

The easiest way to pay your utility bill each month is through bank draft.
We send your bank the amount you owe on your electric bill. We send you a copy of your bill. The bank deducts the amount from your savings or checking account on the day your bill is due.
You don’t have to pay for postage, take the time to drive to one of our offices, or worry about being late with your payment.

24-Hour Kiosk

Make your payment through a secure machine located in the drive-thru lanes at our Ripley and Halls offices. The machines accept several types of credit cards, as well as cash.


Customers who prefer to keep track of their electric usage or pay a smaller deposit can opt for the Prepay Program. Your electric use is deducted from the amount of electricity you purchase ahead off time.

To get started, you pay a $60 deposit, an initial minimum of $50 worth of electricity and a $20 connect fee.


Pay on our website through our secure server. While you’re online, you can also sign up to receive your bill by email.