Top Performer Award

The Tennessee Valley Authority named Ripley Power and Light a top performer in three different categories for its efforts to help its customers use energy wisely, as part of TVA’s EnergyRight program.

Ripley Power and Light earned first place recognition in “Total Energy Savings—Saved as a Percentage of Sales.”

The utility also earned third place in “Improved Energy Equity” and third place in “Total Energy Savings.”

“We are proud to be recognized by TVA for our efforts to help our communities use energy wisely and improve the lives of our customers,” said Ripley Power and Light President and CEO Mike Allmand. “The Top Performer awards demonstrate our value in striving for a healthier and more sustainable community.”

“Ripley Power and Light’s commitment to helping their customers is on full display with this award,” said Cincy Herron, TVA vice president of TVA Energy Services and Programs. “We appreciate its partnership as we work to bring innovative energy programs to the residents and businesses in the Valley.”