Working for Our Communities

Most people know that Ripley Power and Light Company’s mission is to provide cost-effective and reliable electricity to our communities. Many, however, don’t realize that we also place priorities on helping our communities succeed and improving the quality of life of our customers.

We work behind the scenes in many ways to do that, including maintaining traffic lights, efforts to bring more jobs to our communities and partnering when we can with community projects.

One of those efforts is the annual in-lieu-of-tax payments we make to Lauderdale County and the local municipalities we serve.

The amounts are determined by a formula, which is audited by TVA and Ripley Power and Light. The funds come directly from operating revenues, which are received from the sale of electricity to customers.

“The money we pay is based on the net plant value we have in each of the communities we serve,” said Mike Allmand, President and CEO of Ripley Power and Light. “The net plant value includes lines, poles and other equipment. It’s our contribution because we don’t pay taxes, and we want to pay our part.”

As a public utility, Ripley Power and Light is exempt from paying taxes.

“By law, this is the only way a city can receive funds from us,” Allmand said. “It is one way we invest in our communities.”

Another important contribution is the utlity’s economic development efforts, he said.

Ripley Power and Light works with the State of Tennessee, TVA, HTL Advantage and the West Tennessee Industrial Association to help existing industry and to attract new industry and jobs.               

The new Ford plant at the megasite — 30 minutes away from Lauderdale County — will be an opportunity to sell Lauderdale County to the many new residents moving to West Tennessee and to the supporting industry that will create more jobs, Allmand said.

Ripley Power and Light is a member  of the team trying to attract those residents and jobs to Lauderdale County.

In other efforts, Ripley Power and Light …

  • Maintains street and traffic lights.
  • Offers scholarships to students who attend Dyersburg State. Community College and the University of Tennessee Martin-Ripley Center.
  • Works with communities to install outdoor lighting in public areas.

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