In most instances, we can turn on your utilities the same day you request them. To save time at our office, you can print your prepaid, residential or business application and fill it out before you arrive at our Ripley or Halls office.

Prepaid Service Application: Download pdf.

Residential Service Application: Download pdf.

Business Service Application: Download pdf.

To complete your service activation, you will need to come to our office.

  • Please bring your driver's license or Social Security card so we can verify your identity.
  • If you rent your residence, bring a renter's receipt. If you own your residence, bring proof of home ownership.
  • You also will be asked for a deposit that equals two months (over a 12-month) period of an average electric bill at your new residence. The minimum deposit is $200. For customers in good standing, we will refund your deposit when you move or apply your deposit to your last utility bill.