This year decorate with LED Christmas lights

If you have buying more Christmas lights on your to-do list, you probably should consider buying LED lights over the traditional incandescent ones.

Electric incandescent lights, which replaced the more hazardous, burning candles to decorate the family tree, were kings of the Christmas tree for many decades.

A new technology – LED lights – is now replacing incandescent lighting. LEDs use diodes to emit light; incandescents create light by using filaments.

Depending on where you shop, LED lights can cost roughly twice as much as traditional lights. They also use up to 90 percent less energy. Over several years, the energy savings will more than cover the extra cost of the lights.


More reasons to buy LED

  • LED lights last up to 10 times longer than incandescent lights, meaning you won’t be shopping for new Christmas lights each season. (Unless, of course, you are expanding your holiday display.)
  • Incandescent lights are hot to the touch; LED lights are cool and safer. (Christmas tree fires kill an average of 14 people each year.)
  • LED lights are more durable. They have no filaments to burn out and no bulbs to replace. LED lights are made of plastic, so they don’t break and shatter.
  • You’ll have more flexibility with your Christmas display. LED lights come in many different colors and shapes, allowing you to customize your holiday display. Since they use less electricity, you can string more light sets together and use fewer electric outlets and extension cords.
  • Because they use less energy and are more durable, LED lights also are kinder to the environment.