Ripley Power and Light offers meter-based surge suppressors.

What is a meter-based surge protector?

A meter-based Surge Protection Device (SPD) is a primary Type 1 listed protector for application/use in an IEEE category C operating environment. The IEEE location is defined as the area from the load side of the utility transformer to the main breaker located on the home.

How does the device work?

Basically, SPDs utilizing MOV technology will:

  • Conduct when voltage is too high
  • Send current where voltage is lower
  • Divert, store or use the energy associated with the surge
  • Divide surge energy among conductors
  • Equalize voltage across conductors
  • Keep voltage to equipment below immunity/survival levels of the equipment

Where does it install?

The meter-based SPD installs directly into the electric meter can. It goes across (in series) with the line (incoming) side terminals and the load (customer premise) side terminals. Installers simply remove the electric meter from service and insert the SPD. A ground pigtail must be attached then the installer reinserts the electric meter back into the can, replaces the cover, reinserts the electric meter and then places the seal. The process routinely takes about 15 to 20 minutes from start to finish.

What Does This Warranty Cover?

Meter-Treater, Inc. (MTI) warrants to its Customers that the hardware surge protection device (SPD) that MTI manufactures and sells will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. This extended limited warranty covers consequential damages to standard residential equipment, as defined herein, as a result of a transient voltage or surge voltage as defined by IEEE C62 Standards. Standard residential equipment is defined as 'white appliances' such as HVAC, clothes washers and dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, electric ranges and other major home appliances. If an appliance is not listed above, then the general determination for warranty coverage is that the appliance must be a motor-driven load within the residence. MTI will make the final determination.

How Long Does the Coverage Last?

This warranty is valid fifteen (15) years starting from the date of manufacture. If you have questions as to the date of the original shipment, please contact MTI. This warranty cannot be purchased after the SPD is placed in service.

What Will Meter-Treater, Inc. Do?

If any SPD proves defective during the applicable warranty period, MTI will repair or replace the SPD. MTI's sole liability and the customer's sole remedy for failure of the SPD shall be limited to repair or replacement. If it is determined that a transient voltage/surge entered via the utility's power line and passed through the SPD causing consequential damage to standard residential equipment or residential appliances located inside a single family residence, then the proper warranty procedures as described in Section E, "How To Get Service?" should be followed . The SPD's light(s) must be extinguished with power applied and surge activity must be verified by MTI.

This warranty excludes all wells, well pumps and supplementary pump equipment. This warranty excludes bodily injury to persons, defects caused by or damages resulting from misuse of the SPD, operation of the SPD under conditions exceeding MTI's specifications, such as continuous steady over-voltages as a result of power delivery system damage or flaws, any structural or electrical system damage to the facility where the device is installed or negligence in use of the SPD. Due to the unpredictable nature of power distribution faults, power outages, lightning, and continuous steady over-voltages as a result of power system delivery or faults, MTI will not be liable for any damage to products, structures, or wiring resulting from such causes.

Under no circumstances, will MTI guarantee performance for a lightning strike. This warranty excludes all stand-alone "electronic equipment" using microchip, microprocessor or transistor technology, such as but not limited to computers, televisions, DVD Players/Recorders and Security Systems.