eScore is a new and improved in-home energy evaluation program from Ripley Power and Light and TVA that provides a simple path to make your home as energy efficient as possible.

The program allows you to work toward a score of 10 at a pace you can afford while earning rebates on qualified energy efficiency upgrades for your home. You can re-engage with the program as many times as needed to achieve your home’s best possible energy performance.

To get started, contact a member of our Quality Contractor Network for a free survey of your house. The contractor will turn the paperwork over to TVA. A representative from TVA can also perform the survey for a fee of $75.

What does eScore mean?

The eScore, between one and 10, represents your home’s current level of energy efficiency and potential areas for savings. The report includes photos of the areas evaluated and provides a clear path of additional energy upgrades that will raise your score.

eScore can increase the value of your home, help you save money on energy bills, make your home more comfortable, enhance indoor air quality and make your home more durable.

Who is eligible?

  • Single-family participants who have had permanent electric service from Ripley Power and Light in their home for a minimum of one year.
  • Renters, as long as the homeowner and renter agree to the participation agreement.
  • A homeowner with multiple properties can participate with each property.
  • Former In-Home Energy Evaluation participants are welcome to participate.

How does eScore work?

  1. Register online or over the phone. Visit or call 1-885-2eScore (2673).
  2. Contact a Quality Contractor Network member to get started and learn about option, rebates and program details.
  3. A TVA-certified advisor provides a free eScore evaluation of your home and a quality assurance inspection of the first upgrade performed by the contractor. The advisor will also provide an eScore between one and ten along with a customized list of available upgrades and rebates.

Available rebates

Retrofit Upgrade1 Homeowner Rebate * (matching 50%) Limits

Air Sealing


One Time Only

Attic Insulation


One Time Only

Heat Pump Water Heater


No Limit

Conventional Electric Water Heater3,6,7
(from non-electric to electric)


No Limit

Heat Pump2
Ducted System or Non-Ducted System
$250/System No Limit
Geothermal Heat Pump2 $500/System No Limit
(primary heat source from non-electric to electric)
$400/System No Limit
Dual Fuel Heat Pump2,3 $250/System No Limit
Dual Fuel Heat Pump2,3,6
(primary heat source from non-electric to electric)
$500/System No Limit

Air Source Heat Pump2,3,6
(primary heat from non-electric to electric)


No Limit

Central Air Conditioning2,3 $0/System No Limit
Tune-up for Existing Heat Pump or Central Air-Conditioning System* $15/System One rebate per system per year

Duct System5


One Time Per System

1: Must meet eScore Program Standards effective on installation date.
2: Must replace existing unit(s).
3: Subject to local power company approval.
4: Includes air source, dual fuel, geothermal, mini-split, ducted and non-ducted heat pump systems.
5: Must be for existing or replacement HVAC system.
6: Program efficiency requirements, including the Minimum Efficiency Requirements for Heating and Cooling and the minimum efficiency rating for electric water heaters stated in DHW-01 of the eScore Program Standards, are not applicable.
7: Excludes instantaneous, tankless water heaters.

* 50% of total cost charged by the Quality Contractor Network (QCN) member to the participant up to the Max. Rebate. Rebate options dependent on local power company. Please check with your local power company or QCN-member for available options. QCN member must submit a rebate application within 1 year after installation is complete for upgrade to be eligible for an eScore Rebate.